Pegboard7 can allow you to create Surveys via its advanced form builder. Thereby delivering you the means to interact and gather user information, profiles and activity on the Website.

Surveys Specifications

Surveys are a powerful way to gather user profiles and information. Pegboard7 delivers you the ability to create Surveys online and then use the information in and around the ODP as required. it also gives you the ability to export data and then import it into other programs within the business. From simple one page forms to fully integrated training questionnaires, promotional quiz and eLearning modules. Pegboards advanced form builder is an enabler for the needs of marketers within companies.

  • Ability to link forms into workflow pages
  • Ability to save data and export
  • Store information collected from the form into a collection
  • Group and filter stored information
  • Send email to the web user and web administrator
  • Link the drop fields to existing collections such as products
  • Display an advanced email form anywhere on the website
  • Customise the emails sent by the form, using a template
  • Display a confirmation message that the form has been filled out and an email has been sent
  • Specify the email address(es) for the form to send emails to


Create simple questions with multiple choice answers and produce statistics of voters.

Polls specifications

The polls module allows users to vote in a poll on their website and track the results. The results are shown a bar graph of results.

  • Users can vote in a poll on their website by selecting from alternate answers.
  • Shows a graph of results to the user once they have voted
  • Can track who has already voted and stop them from voting twice
  • Administrators can enter the poll questions and alternative answers Pegboard
  • Administrators can select the current poll to display, or have the latest poll automatically displayed
  • Administrators can import polls into Pegboard via excel
  • Polls can be cycled at random on the websites front-end
  • A list of polls can be displayed to show old or archived polls
  • Each poll can have its own detail page which the user can be sent to once they vote
  • Results graph can be displayed or hidden as the designer prefers
  • Graph sizes and display labels can be customised

SEO Optimise

Our SEO Optimise features allows you to edit the web page metadata that is critical to search engine performance.

SEO Optimise Specifications
  • Very few Platforms deliver such a complete SEO Module within the product as Pegboard7 does.
  • Effectively this means simple implementation of SEO data and the ability to manage changes to SEO key words  
  • Pegboard7 also can auto generate Keywords on the fly based on the content on the page and its relevance
  • Pegboard7 Websites can also be handed over to SEO companies for them to manage SEO campaigns 
  • SEO for News, Blogs and Galleries can be added and managed from the “Pegboard Smartphone App”
  • Intuitive SEO panel for each individual content page within the CMS
  • Displays Keywords, Description, Title
  • Manage Search Engine Robot Search frequency, Indexing Rules, and Page priority
  • Ability to insert additional header and footer content
  • Ability to insert additional JavaScript and CSS Files


The Events Engine allows you to create web pages containing lists of events and calendars. Events also include the ability to allow web visitors to register for your events through e-commerce.

Events Specifications
  • Create calendars of events, promote upcoming events and manage registrations for events using the events Module.
  • A full range of calendars are available: monthly, weekly and daily. All calendars are interactive, allowing the visitor to click-through to see more event details and to select what date range they are interested in.
  • The events are very detailed, with the entire program, venue, scheduling and booking information conveniently and powerfully accessible.
  • Website visitors can register for an event using either email or alive payment gateway.
  • SMS messaging can also be used within the events module* to send out messages regarding any event.
  • *SMSEnablement module is a level 1 module. Partner also needs to be signed up for the Message Media Partner Program.
  • Display a list of events or summary of events
  • Display an interactive calendar of events
  • Display the full detail of each event
  • Attendee’s can register for events online
  • Registration payments can be taken via a gateway
  • Manage attendee’s full details
  • Assign a start/end date, name,description, duration, venue name, venue address, venue contact, venue phone and fax, phone email, price per seat, to each event
  • Enter free form content through a WYSIWYG editor (including file downloads, images, hyperlinks, multimedia)
  • Add multiple images to every event
  • Add an image gallery to every event
  • Activate or de-activate events
  • Make the events visible or invisible
  • Schedule when events are available
  • Choose the order of the events
  • Notification of events can be distributed to users via a RSS feed
  • Assign security access to events
  • Import and export events in bulk using Excel
  • Gather comments on events (using the Blog Module)
  • Add extra fields to events (using the Datalists Module)

Google Integration

Marketing and utilizing Google tools in Pegboard7 delivers greater results and better intelligence to the business owner. Pegboard7 continues to deliver a fully integrated approach to Google tools.

Google Integration Specifications

The ODP ecommerce platform is utilized by 1000's of companies, each of who demand their software to be cutting edge. PegboardCo continue to invest into all forms of new technologies that are completely focused on encouraging sales and delivering tools and reporting to help clients analyze user activity. 

One important integration into the commerce system in Google integration which allows clients to automatically have their products specifically added into the Google "Shopping" tab Search enhancing the exposure of products through the web. This example is one of many that the Pegboard ODP has ready to be utilized by clients.

  • Google "Shopping" Search integrated
  • Ability to track leads via Google analytics
  • Ability to track sales conversation via Google Analytics
  • Google Search Sitemap generator
  • Google search priority and frequencies

Banner Ads

Banner Ads module allows you to manage Collections of Ads within the Pegboard7 console and display these on the Website in any place that you designate in your template.

Banner Ads Specifications

The banner ads module is a fast and easy way to display advertisements on your website’s pages and earn money. This module can completely replace third-party advertising and click-tracking providers. Use the Banner Ad Module to manage in-house promotional campaigns – reminding customers of forthcoming events, announcements, specials or anything. Add interest to any web page with a dynamic and visual graphic banner – no need for it to be advertising. The banner module has a powerful management tool which allows you to upload banner advertisements onto any page and monitor how many times web users have clicked on the advertisements. This module is excellent way generate an extra income from your website by charging for advertising space and how many times an advertisement has been clicked on.

  • Display advertisements on any of your site's pages
  • Flash display ads, images, and animated images
  • Import and Export all ads using Excel (handles image URLs too)
  • Insert a link on every ad
  • Track all clicks on the ads
  • Randomly display a list of advertisements
  • Report how many times an advertisement has been clicked and displayed on the website
  • Advanced filtering and reporting tools to get the most useful information every time
  • This can be viewed in a month by month gap
  • Impressions-based revenue calculated automatically
  • Click-through based revenue calculated automatically
  • Group together advertisements to create effective campaigns
  • Print the click-through report and graph for your advertising customers
  • Activate or de-activate advertisements
  • Make the advertisements visible or invisible
  • Schedule when advertisements are available
  • Choose the order of the advertisements
  • Distribute ads via RSS
  • Secure access to ads


eMarketing gives you the ability to send customized branded emails direct to your web customers. Send newsletters and promotional; material to subscribed users.

eMarketing Specifications
  • Send customized, branded emails to your web customers or database of customers
  • Send newsletters and promotional material to subscribed users
  • Robust and professional HTML emails that are easy to edit and preview
  • Professional use of email servers to maximise efficiency and delivery rates
  • Get in front of customers regularly with professional communications
  • Comprehensive management of subscribers and campaigns
  • Detailed reporting of delivery, open rates, click-through, unsubscribe rates, referrals and more
  • No limit or charge for number of campaigns and emails sent
  • Add/delete/edit subscribers in the database as customer base changes
  • Import and export subscriber details to Excel/Access for top level analysis or mass data manipulation
  • Full control over the Email/SMS newsletter's content - hyperlinks/images/text
  • Email/SMS newsletter content can be personalised to the recipient, allowing items like the recipient's name to be included within the email
  • Send email/SMS newletter to 10,000s of email addresses simultaneously
  • Pegboard7 sends emails in groups of 10 (configurable)
  • This feature helps prevent possible blockage of emails by spam filtering software
  • Specify a dedicated SMTP server to use a whitelisted email server
  • Automatic unsubscribe links in the email and unsubscribe handling and reporting
  • All email/SMS newsletter bounce backs will be reported and subscribers made inactive
  • Reports on click-through on all hyperlinks within the email
  • Use templates to create newsletter (multiple content areas)
  • Select any content from a site and include it in your newsletter, e.g. News articles and other content pages
  • Preview newsletters before sending them
  • Flexible sign-up forms
  • Save groups of subscribers and manually include or exclude subscribers within those groups
  • Easy searching of subscriber database
  • Provide listing of archived newsletters on the website
  • Allow subscribers to refer their friends to an eMarketing newsletter
  • Track who is referring users to your site
  • Insert dynamic summary of news articles and content pages in newsletter
  • List newsletters, including a link to the preview of each on the front-end of a site
  • View a report containing a list of invalid subscriber email addresses
  • Auto-fill newsletter items to help streamline newsletter creation times
  • Export delivery, opened and links reports
  • Insert dynamic subscriber details into the newsletter content area

Statistics and Reporting tools

It is so important that your platform delivers the reporting that allows you to continue to grow sales or understand users needs better. The Pegboard7 has a raft of different reporting and statistical tools that enable fast response and easy access to the needs of the business.

Statistics and Reporting tools Specifications

The Pegboard ODP is unique in that it delivers multiple reports and statistics both centrally via its dashboard and also within reports and widgets within ODP function sets such as eMarketing and ecommerce etc. This gives business the ability to drill down into the data specifically in areas but also see the total overview of the website performance and user activity.

  • Dashboard console for full overview reports and live graph data
  • Banner ad reporting and dashboard widgets
  • eCommerce sales, stock, order processes reporting and dashboard widgets
  • eMarketing delivery, links, subscriber reporting and dashboard widgets
  • Hosting statistical page frame options (via hosting reseller)
  • Settings reports
  • Security audit reports
  • Members activity reporting

SMS Enablement

Instead of sending emails, send SMS messages. Let customers, staff, fans and suppliers know vital information immediately and directly on their personal phone.

SMS Enablement Specifications

Instead of sending emails, send SMS messages. Let customers, staff, fans and suppliers know vital information immediately and directly on their personal phone. SMS Enablement is perfect for schools reminding parents, bands reminding fans about gigs, retailers announcing sales, venues and hotels announcing last-minute vacancies, churches encouraging members, sporting clubs announcing fixture changes – any time a lot of people need to know something straight away. SMS can even be used to send receipts for online purchases. PegboardCo has partnered with Message Media and utilizes a real-time SMS gateway (not an email to SMS gateway) for the processing of all SMS messaging from and to the site.

  • Partner must be signed up with Message Media
  • Requires either eMarketing or eCommerce
  • Send SMS messages to web users directly from Pegboard7
  • Send SMS to website member lists and eMarketing subscriber list
  • Send any Pegboard7 email via SMS instead
  • Purchase receipts
  • Email newsletters
  • Form submissions
  • View replies to SMS messages
  • Full SMS reporting within Admin area

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