Pegboard API

Pegboard SDK (Software Development Kit)

The Pegboard SDK provides a .NET-based development framework that enables a developer to extend the capabilities of Pegboard7. The SDK consists of a set of .NET assemblies containing base classes and methods that provide the ability to build a custom Pegboard Module. The Module can contain the following custom Pegboard components:

  • Site Object Types
  • Admin Console Screens
  • Skin Controls
  • Payment Gateways
The Pegboard SDK leverage the Pegboard plug-in architecture to provide a .NET web developer with a set of tools to easily build and distribute custom Pegboard Modules.

Pegboard API (Application Programming Interface)

The Pegboard Data Integration API provides advanced data integration capabilities based on industry standard Web Services. Web Services provide data synchronization services over the Internet using standardized technologies and formats that simplify the exchange of data. These capabilities enable the Partner to perform data integration themselves. Take advantage of the Pegboard Data Integration API to provide seamless interaction between your internal systems and Pegboard Web Content Management System. The Pegboard Data Integration API can be used to integrate Pegboard into external systems such as:

  • Flash Applications
  • External Websites
  • Order Management Systems (such as MYOB)
  • Enterprise Systems (such as CRM, ERP)
  • SOA Applications

The API provides integration capabilities to the following Pegboard components:

  • Products
  • Members
  • Data Lists
  • Events
  • Orders
  • Documents
  • eMarketing Subscribers

"We deployed Pegboard to our own internal infrastructure and have benefited from a product that has enabled us to be flexible with our marketing and Website Structure both for the long term and short term. We also found the integration into our Citrix system was seamless and the support and time frames were delivered on-time and on budget." - Teco Westinghouse

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